Prophet Wale Olagunju, the presiding Bishop of
Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministries in Ibadan,
Oyo state, has released his prophecies for 2017.
Prophet Olagunju, who accurately predicted
President Muhammadu Buhari victory in the 2015
election, has revealed that the Nigerian president
will be dethroned in 2019 election by former vice
president Atiku Abubakar, The Sun reports.
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Prophet says Atiku will defeat PMB in 2019, Biafra
will come to pass as he makes 50 other prophecies
The man of God, in a 52-point prophecy for the
Year 2017 also foretold the possibility of the country
splitting into five as he claimed to have foreseen,
“the map of Nigeria torn into five,” saying, “no amount
of peace talk can prevent Nigeria’s disintegration. It is a
matter of time.”
He predicted that the Igbo’s desire for Biafra nation
has received divine approval.
Below are his prophecies for Nigeria in the year:
1. As revealed by the Almighty God who will never
share his glory with mortal man, the present
generation of Nigerian leaders in the likes of
Obasanjo, Babangida, Gowon, Danjuma, Abdusallam
and Buhari will pass away before the emergence of
the Messiah that will lead Nigeria to the promise
land. The problem in our Nation will be so much
that what we are witnessing now will be a child
play to what we will see and hear and there will be
chaos and distrust all over the nation as a result of
which the messiah will emerge.
This messiah, an unknown person, will proffer
solutions (to the problems); conduct referendum
and will break Nigeria peacefully. As revealed to
me further by the creator of the universe, the reign
of this messiah will be brief. God of Abraham has
concluded in heaven to raise for Himself the young
man who will give divine solution and execute
God’s programme for Nigeria.
2. There is going to be serious fight between
Obasanjo and Buhari as revealed by God Almighty.
3. Notable chieftains of the APC and the PDP who
are talking of 2019 without due reference to God
will not live to witness that year.
4. There is going to be rowdy session in the
National Assembly in the coming year.
5. The present war against Bola Tinubu will
continue but many of those fighting him will come
back to eat their words.
6. God again revealed to me that Nigeria is
seriously sick and that the only drug that can cure
her is National Repentance Prayer. Failure to do
this, God says Nigeria will continue to wallow in
problems. God warned Nigerians not to look up to
their leaders for solutions but to God Almighty as
they have none to their problems.
7. God of heaven says He is angry with President
Buhari because of his failure to alleviate the
sufferings of Nigerians but instead adding to it. God
says Buhari’s government is like a weed on the
surface of the Atlantic Ocean.
8. God says those who think the PDP is dead are
making a mistake as He [God] does not work in the
counsel of men but in the reasoning of His words.
God says the party will bounce back and its
members in the APC will return to their original
9. The present rumpus in the APC will continue.
10. The Nigerian nation will continue to experience
hardship unless serious steps are taken to seek the
face of God.
11. Nigerians should pray for Buhari against high
blood pressure, liver and kidney problem as the
President is sick.
12. God says that He deliberately raised Donald
Trump of America to execute His judgment on
America for their sin of homosexuality being
propagated by Obama/Hillary Clinton. God says
Trump will at a stage behave like an anti-Christ.
13. God says the Yoruba nation will unite and rise
14. There is going to be sharp misunderstanding
between Buhari and Osinbajo as a result of political
15. God says any party that fields Buhari for the
2019 presidential election will be fielding liability
as his candidacy will make the party lose the
election. God says this will be so because Buhari
has disappointed God by his failure to carry out His
instruction as published in my 2016 predictions by
national dailies to “wage war against corruption,
execute God’s fierce judgment on those who sinned
against God by looting as well as for his failure to
demonstrate love to the poor by alleviating their
suffering. God says for these reasons, He has torn
his government and given it to another man after
His heart to rule Nigeria. God says Buhari will
continue to have problem till his last day in Aso
Rock and people will continue to hate him because
of his failure to rule with the fear of God.
16. To show the extent to which Buhari’s
disappointment is grieving God, God says he has
rejected Buhari just like He did to Jonathan and
even his people the Hausas will reject him come
2019. In the presence of Almighty God as revealed
to me, Buhari have become a complete
disappointing king/failure just like king Saul in the
17. God says the name Atiku Abubakar will continue
to ring like a bell. He will be so popular among
Nigerian politicians to the extent that many will root
for him.
18. God says should Atiku Abubakar contest the 2019
election, he will defeat Buhari hands down.
19. The 2018 Governorship election in Ekiti state
will cause a sharp division in the APC camp
because of the inordinate ambition of some of their
self-centred leaders. The party in the state will
break into three factions as revealed to me by God.
20. God says the APC is being faced by three major
problems of backbiting, unnecessary petition
against former leaders and total hijack of the party
structure from pioneer members.
21. Tambuwal and David Mark will be drafted to
contest the 2019 Presidential election but God says
the cabal of our nation will prefer Governor
Tambuwal of Sokoto state.
22. Nigerians should pray against fire accident in
the coming year.
23. God says that except that the Nigeria nation
repent of the sin of its leaders who killed innocent
souls, sin of FESTAC ’77 and sin of corruption which
placed the country under the curse of the Almighty,
the country’s problem will continue.
24. Prophet T. B. Joshua should pray seriously to
avert sickness.
25. General T. Y. Danjuma should also pray against
26. God says I. B. B. will continue to remain in
27. God says for Buhari to have taken the problem
of Nigeria to Kaaba in Mecca as if there is no God
in Nigeria and rather than motivate the entire
nation to fast and seek the face of God, He [God]
will continue to raise adversaries against his
government and Nigerians will continue to hate
28. God again warned that should the APC field
Buhari in 2019, the broom will be broken and
thrown into fire just like I predicted to PDP in 2014.
29. God Almighty says President Buhari is too rigid
and stubborn. God says the President has set aside
His mandate for him to cleanse the nation of
corruption. God says He is only giving the President
the grace to motivate Nigerians for special
repentance prayer.
30. Serving ministers in Buhari’s government
should watch their steps as the President is set to
drop some of them and reshuffle his government.
31. God says Governor Aregbesola of Osun state will
continue to swim in problems until he gets out of
office as a result of the recognition he gave to the
Osun Osogbo idol.
32. God says he will inflict those who loot Nigeria
treasury with sickness. They will henceforth be
inflicted with dreaded sicknesses that will lead to
untimely death unless they repent.
33. God says Goodluck Jonathan will never win any
election again in Nigeria as a result of his sin
against the Almighty.
34. God says 2019 election will be tougher than the
35. The executive and the National Assembly will go
on a serious collision course in the coming year.
Buhari should be careful lest he is accused of non-
implementation of budget.
36. Nigerians should pray for Awujale of Ijebu land.
37. Those who say the Biafra nation will not
materialise are dreaming for the Igbos have taken
their case to the creator of the universe and He has
granted their heart desire.
38. PDP will bounce back to become a formidable
party in Oyo state again.
39. Buhari should watch his steps to avoid
40. As revealed by God, should Buhari fail to take it
easy with the people of the South-South and South-
East and go ahead to use military power, Nigeria
may go to civil war.
41. As revealed by God, a new generation of
military officers will in future overthrow the
government of Nigeria to clear the rot perpetrated
by reckless politicians.
42. Before 2019, there will be amalgamation of
political heavyweight and political party that will
give the APC sleepless nights.
43. The on-going war against corruption will soon
lose value as the President will bend the rules and
soft pedal because of inordinate and self-interest.
44. A prominent artiste will fall sick in the coming
45. Nigerians should pray for Baba Sala.
46. Come 2019 general election, PDP will fight the
APC to a standstill.
47. APC should forget about winning 2019 election
for another government will emerge that will probe
their government.
48. Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode
should be prayerful to avoid being at loggerhead
with the elite. He should also pray to avert sickness.
49. Another strong party will emerge before the
2019 election.
50. God Almighty who revealed to me in my
2015/2016 prediction that Buhari is not the Messiah
says the promised Messiah will use his mandate to
settle all problems confronting Nigeria. The said
Messiah will conduct a referendum so as to
peacefully break Nigeria without civil war.
51. God says three out of the four pillars that are
holding the APC have broken down as a result of
their greed, inordinate ambition, stubbornness,
favouritism, tribal and religious sentiment and
therefore their days in government are numbered.
52. God revealed to me and I saw the map of
Nigeria torn into five, by this no amount of peace
talk can prevent Nigeria’s disintegration. It is a
matter of time.