According to Etukakpan, he has been an elder of
the PDP since 1998 and was a secretary of Eket
chapter of Elders’ Forum of the party, but in all of
his years at PDP, he did everything humanly
possible to re-direct the party to its original
ideology of internal democracy but to no avail.
PDP founding member, others decamp to APC in Akwa ibom
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Speaking at an event which took place at the APC
Secretariat along Oron Road in Eket, Etukakpan
from Ward 4 Urban Eket, said he was sick of
battling to save the PDP he co-founded when it was
obvious that the former ruling party was sinking,
This Day reports.
He said: “I have worked for the party for the past 18
years without any dividend of democracy for myself
and my followers, of over 500 of them who you can
now see are here.
“They are decamping to the APC with my support
because they too have realised that PDP has failed them
and as expected, they cannot remain in such a failed
party where impunity and selfishness reign supreme.”
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Etukakpan said he has contributed in no small
measure to the growth of PDP in the state, revealing
that the party was hijacked some years back by
“hawks” who knew nothing about democracy but
He also pledged to work for the growth of APC in
the state to keep its ideology and ensure all his
supporters of over 5,000 decamped to APC in order
to assist the administration of President
Muhammadu Buhari revamp the economy.
Chief Etukakpan's defection comes just ten days
after a f ormer minister of transport, Abdullahi
Idris defected to APC.
Idris defected alongside a former deputy governor
of the state, Lazerus Yoriyo, ex-House of
Representative member, Saidu Alkali, and a former
PDP youth leader, Habu Mu’azu.
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