With the increments in unemployment in Nigeria many youths are forced to dabble into unproductive ventures many even do some stupid stuff however this project will guide you on how you can make money by just starting a company online.
You can make this a reality through your very own hands and computer whether a phone or a PC any works simply create a website or weblog also known as a blog put something interesting like news or jokes for your very own website.
1.Get started on your blog and create a twitter handle this helps in keeping your visitors updated you may as well enable feeds and some other social media links on your blog/site, think naturally but as well in vogue.
2.Launch and share your blog/site to friends families and mates increase your traffic and put some other drawing article and games or trivia.
3.Join online money making companies eg Tech Corp Inc hires people with this you can make money. You can also try split naira
4.Add your blog/site to search engines try [url=http://www.entireweb.com/free_submission/#145rt[/url]That's all